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Help the Denton ISO raise funds to attend the Socialism 2014 Conference in Chicago.


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Promo video for the Socialism 2014 Conference is now up!


Get yourself to Socialism 2014 in Chicago, and meet with other activists and revolutionaries from around the world to learn, strategize, debate, and of course, DANCE!

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Excited to be hosting “The fight for trans*liberation: A conversation with CeCe McDonald” at the Socialism Conference in Chicago, IL. A weekend of radical history, politics, and theory with over 1,500 activists; be there!


It’s official! On Saturday, Howie Hawkins was nominated to be the Green Party’s candidate for Governor of New York, and I was nominated to be their candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Together we plan to take on Andrew “Governor 1%” Cuomo and his priorities.

Howie Hawkins is proposing a Green New Deal for New York State, which includes raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and indexing it to inflation, single-payer health care, and building New York’s renewable energy infrastructure. Of course, I will speak out far and wide about the need to stop the privatization of our schools, the need to promote desegregation and equity in school funding, and to stop using high stakes standardized tests to measure teaching and learning. We need to end the war on drugs, move to a treatment model for people who suffer from addictions, legalize marijuana, and ban “the box” on job, school, and housing applications, and make NY a sanctuary state for immigrants… and more! Read Howie Hawkins’ full platform here.

In order to promote these politics far and wide, we are going to need your help. You can start by making a donation to this campaign — large or small, we need them all! 

This will be a grassroots effort, relying on ordinary people to make it work. If you can, please sign up to work with us on the Hawkins/Jones campaign!

See you on the campaign trail!

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The Hawkins/Jones campaign begins now! This week we launched Educators, Parents, and Students for Hawkins/Jones with about 40 initial endorsements. The list of endorsers keeps growing! Click here to visit the page and add your name at the bottom. This will be a big weekend for us. On Saturday night we’re hosting a Left Forum after-party featuring Seattle’s socialist city council member, Kshama Sawant. Get tickets online here. The next day Howie and I are on a panel talking about building an independent alternative to Cuomo. See details here. Unlike Cuomo, our campaign will NOT run on million-dollar grease. If you support this campaign and want to make a contribution, please donate here. Thank you!

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